Women and driving

In the beginning, cars were a guy-thing and women drivers were the object jokes. And in some third world countries, women are still not allowed to drive. Hard to believe, but true. But here in the state of motor vehicle manufacturing—and in most developed countries– women are enthusiastic members of the motoring public.  These days, there are more women on the road than men.

Very early in the history of automobiles, women had key involvement. The Girl Scouts first offered an “automobiling” badge in 1916. To earn the merit badge, Girl Scouts had to prove their driving kills, that they knew the mechanics of cars and also first aid.  This was no easy task because cars had a crank start that women found hard to operate. Of course, once the crank start became obsolete, women began driving in greater numbers and soon, they were the ones going to get Michigan car insurance quotes.

Generally speaking, women pay lower premiums than men and the reason is that they get in fewer car accidents. Because they are lower risk, they pay less than men.

Other factors that make them a lower risk are that women also get fewer speeding tickets than men and far, far fewer DUI charges. And there are even more reasons for a lower premium. Data shows that women tend to pick cars that are easier to insure. And far fewer women die in car accidents. Of course, women do drive fewer miles than men.

Despite these gender differences, the biggest determiners of what you pay is your individual claims history and your own driving record.

Still, it’s interesting to think about how women were treated by car manufacturers back in the day.  The first female automative designer was hired by General Motors in 193.  In the early 1950s Nash made a car that was aimed at women shoppers. It was called The Metropolitan.  Inevitably, Dodge made a pink car complete with matching cosmetics and purse. That would never happen today, but it is amusing to learn how car manufacturers thought of women in the earlier days of automobiling.

Most people have no idea that the well-known muscle car—the Mustang—was originally meant to be a car for women.  Today, of course, there are far more male owners of the model than female and it is considered a guy’s car.