Save bucks on homeowners insurance

Bet you never considered getting a discount on your homeowners insurance premium. Maybe you thought discounts weren’t available. Or that you didn’t have any way of qualifying.  Maybe you thought you had to accept the first rate offered you by an insurer. You might even have believed that you have gotten the very lowest Pennsylvania homeowners insurance quotes. Maybe you did.

But maybe, just maybe you didn’t.

There are no hidden ways to get discounts. It’s not a big secret kept from most consumers. It’s not complicated, either. Here’s how:

Just ask.

What? If you ask, you’ll get a discount?  Chances are that you will, and that comes as a surprise to many consumers. But not the sharpest ones. They know not to accept the first rate offered.  They know that there are deals available. They know to ask one simple question:

“What discounts are available?”  And in the answer your agent gives could be money saving discounts just for you.  Why pay more than you have to?

Shoppers in souks all over the world know that often, just asking for a discount gets you one. But here in the United States, negotiating price is not part of our daily life. To tell the truth, we’re a little uncomfortable with the whole idea.

But buck up and do it. You may find that you can get a discount because you are a new customer. Or if  you are sticking with your original insurance company, they may discount you for staying with them.

If all your insurance is bundled you may get a better rate for this bundling of coverage. Ask about that.  Also, if you have never filed a claim, you are very attractive to insurers and they may discount you to get your business.

For certain you’ll get a better premium if you have a security system protecting your home, especially a really good one. If you live in a gated community you may also qualify for a discount.  Nonsmokers can get discounts—less risk of fires.    You’ll definitely pay less if you don’t have a bite-risk dog on the premises.

Regardless of which discounts you might qualify for, one thing is certain. You won’t get them if you don’t ask about them. So don’t be afraid to raise this issue with your insurance agent. It may just pay off in a lower premium.