Ohio Auto Insurance and the requirements

Spread across the state of Ohio is more than 8 million licensed drivers.  Using their vehicles to go to and from work, as well as run a wide range of errands, life would be challenging if not impossible with a car.  However, before any Ohio resident may drive, they must first get Ohio auto insurance.  Let’s take a brief moment to review the basics around Ohio auto insurance so that you can begin the process of finding quotes better informed.  

Is Ohio Auto Insurance Required?

The state of Ohio requires that every licensed driver have insurance for his or her vehicle.  The extent of this coverage can change depending on how much protection you want.  That being said, all drivers must get insurance that meets basic minimum requirements.

Why Is Insurance Required?

Generally speaking, people consider themselves to be intelligent drivers.  However, as statistics has proven, it is not always true.  Even the best drivers can still make mistakes.  While it is nice to assume that you will not be the cause of an accident, it is financially irresponsible of you to drive without some form of coverage.  Besides fines and potentially losing your license, you will also be on the hook for all damage that you caused.  This can sometimes be in the thousands.

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

Ohio has a financial responsibility law.  This laws states that any driver has financial responsibility in the case that they are at fault in an accident.  Simply put, this minimum requirement insures that every driver on the road can pay for damages they do to people, property, and cars.  The minimum requirement starts out relatively low, but can be added onto with additional insurance when getting a quote.  Failure to meet financial responsibility through a lack of insurance or coverage can lead to stiff fines and even the removal of your license.


Expanding Coverage And Searching For Quotes

The amount you pay for your Ohio auto insurance will depend on the amount of coverage you want.  The majority of people end up going for a greater level of coverage.  Categories of insurance like collision or comprehensive can help to cover costs that would not normally be covered, saving you the driver a lot of money down the road.  Once you have figured out the level of insurance you want, you can start the process of looking for quotes both online and over the phone.