How to Get the Best New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Getting multiple New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes might seem like a lot of work, but many of the companies you contact will offer you different policy limits and special discounts. This will help you get the lowest monthly premium without sacrificing full coverage. Even if you already have an insurance plan, it’s important to ask your insurance agent about discounts and bundles. Insurance companies tend to introduce new policies often, so there’s a good chance that you could save a lot of money with new discounts.

Bundle Discounts

When you’re getting New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes from, you should ask if the company offers a bundle discount. Many insurance companies offer plans that include multiple policies at a discounted price. This is a great way to save money in the long run while giving yourself and your family complete coverage. A standard bundle discount will probably include homeowners insurance, car insurance, and life insurance. Many companies offer special bundle plans for homeowners who rent or live in multi-family houses. These plans will usually include homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and specialty dwelling insurance of some kind.

Family Discounts

Along with special bundle discounts, New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes will often include special discounts for different family members. If you have a child who goes to a boarding school or lives at college, you can receive a distant student discount. Many companies limit this to students who are attending college over 100 miles away from your home. If you’re purchasing an insurance bundle that includes auto insurance, you should ask about getting a distant student discount for your son or daughter.

Many car insurance companies will offer an additional discount for teen drivers if their parents are already receiving a safe driver discount.

Miscellaneous Discounts

There’s a good chance that you can get discounts on your New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes simply by switching from one insurance agency to Competition between insurance companies is fierce, so they’ll take advantage of any opportunity to win you over. Agents will try to undercut the competition, so be sure to keep track of the quotes that you get and use that information to your advantage.

Some companies will offer a discount on your premium if you sign up for their electronic funds transfer system, which will automatically pay your bill at the beginning of each month. You can also get a quick discount by offering to pay your entire premium in one lump sum.