Arizona Car Insurance – Policy Cancellation


Driving License Suspension

If the policyholder has for any reason had their driving license suspended or revoked then they will be able to cancel their insurance policy.

Severe Injury

If the policyholder has been involved in an accident that leaves them physically or mentally disabled and therefore unable to drive their vehicle, then they may cancel their current insurance policy.

Criminal Conviction

If the policyholder has been convicted of any crime that involves a car such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or being involved in a hit and run collision then it is likely that the policy will be immediately cancelled by the insurer. However, if it is not then the policyholder may cancel the policy themselves following conviction.

Insurer Financial Uncertainty

If an insurer is placed in receivership by the insurance supervisory official due to financial uncertainty, or if the insurer’s certificate of authority is rescinded then the policyholder may cancel their Arizona car insurance policy immediately and in cases of severe financial uncertainty they may even be forced to do so.

Multiple Accidents

If the policyholder has been personally involved in over 3 accidents during the active period of their policy then it is highly likely that the insurer will consider them too much of a risk and cancel the policy.